Hearing Noises but No Dropping in Your Attic

In case you are hearing strange noises in your attic but you are not seeing any droppings, you have to look for other methods that will help you identify the animal that invaded your house. There are different information that you can gather by listening to the sound. Additional observation will help you identify the source of the sound.

Michigan Animals You Can Encounter in Your Attic
Are you hearing the sound in the early morning hours, in the afternoon, or at night? Perhaps you are hearing the sound in a particular spot of the attic or in different areas of the house. You also need to consider if the sound is loud and heavy or soft and light. Movements of the creature is a key factor to determine the animal that invaded your house. Here are some of the possible culprit of the noises in your attic.

Perhaps one of the most common animals in your house would be the Ann Arbor squirrel. If you have a mother squirrel, she might be in the process of collecting bedding materials. There is also a chance that she is just searching for an appropriate place for her litters. Squirrels, just like other rodents will have to chew tough materials to control the growth of their incisors. They can also chew and enlarge a tiny hole to use this as an access point. In case you are hearing the sound during the day, this is possibly a squirrel.

Another common culprit would be Ann Arbor raccoons. The sound that they will make will be heavier and louder. In fact, some people think that there is someone walking in their attic. You will hear this after the sunset. However, there are also instances when the sound can be heard all throughout daytime. Raccoons are known for their vocal noises. You will often hear them chattering or growling with each other. If you are hearing the sound in the months of March or April, this can be a mother raccoon looking for a nesting area. They can destroy our vents, the shingles, and the screen to invade our attic.

Rats and Mice
The sound that the rats and mice will produce will be heard all throughout the day and night. Their insane reproduction ability, allows them to multiply in just a short amount of time. If you have a large-scale infestation, you will be able to hear their sound frequently. The sound of their movement will be fast and light pattering. The rats are persistent creatures and they can squeeze their tiny body into the small gaps and cracks.

In case you are not sure about the animals that you are housing, you should call the wildlife removal specialist. With their years of experience in this industry, they will be able to determine the culprit of the strange sound and devise a plan that will get rid of them. This will help you reclaim your house and have an uninterrupted sleep.

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