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We are Ann Arbor Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Ann Arbor, MI. When our wildlife control company arrives at your property, we will begin with a thorough inspection covering 32 points. We carefully developed this inspection process using our training and experience as it lets us identify potential entry points of animals into your home. This way, we can resolve your current issue by removing the wildlife already on your property and prevent future problems by sealing potential entry points – even those that no animal has found yet. It is just a matter of time before a critter in search of shelter finds them. Our wildlife company offers very competitive pricing and to avoid surprises, we always provide you with a written estimate. Our work is the highest quality in the city but we are still able to charge less than competitors thanks to our efficient and proven methods. We will gladly provide you with quick service when you need it. Most of our appointments are scheduled for the very same day you call or the next day. The common theme is that we always select a time that is convenient for you. The wild animal already disrupted your schedule; we don’t want to disrupt it even more so we get the problem resolved in a timely manner. Call us now at 734-720-0355 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Ann Arbor Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Using Repellents Against Animals in Your Chimney

In case you are hearing a strange sound in your chimney, this can probably be an indication that a pesky creature has invaded your property. Regardless of what animal has infiltrated your chimney, always remember to remain cautious about your situation. Pay attention to the sounds that are coming from chimney flue. In case there is a constant and frantic noise, this is a sign of a trapped animal. On the other hand, if the sound is occasional and predictable, this is a sign of wildlife denning in your chimney.

Will Repellents be Effective in Keeping the Animals Away from Chimney?
Some people will use repellents thinking that it will be a convenient and practical method to control the infestation. Unfortunately, there are some reasons why this thing will not deliver a desirable result. In fact, it will only take a couple of days before the vermin will return to your chimney. Let us enumerate those reasons.

Animals Can Adapt
Wild animals have been living on a tough environment all their life and they will have to adjust to the sudden changes in their environment. There are instances that the repellent that you will use will be less-desirable for them. However, studies show that wild animals can quickly adapt to this living condition. For instance, if you are using a repellent that contain putrescent egg with powerful odor, they can get used to this type of scent. Even machines that produce loud sounds will be ineffective to them after 3-5 days.

The Chimney is a Safer Place for Them
Our chimney allows these animals to remain safe from the threat of the predators. Not a lot of animals can fit inside the space of our chimney which keeps their predators at bay. Apart from that, it also provides an ideal temperature which delivers extreme comfort. This will guarantee the mothers that they will be able to raise their babies safely.

No Scientific Proof
There are not enough studies that will prove that these repellents will be effective against the wild animals. Apart from that, the result of the tests on various machine deterrents remain inconclusive. The environment on the controlled facility will also be difficult to replicate in our own home. While there are peoples who reportedly experience a success in driving away the animals using repellents, this will not offer them a long-term result.

Not Practical to Use
Spray and granular repellents will evaporate immediately. Ammonia and mothballs pose a health risk. Machine deterrents need to be plug to a receptacle and will only cover a specific area. These are some reasons that affect the efficacy of the repellents. If you want a more practical solution you will have to hire the assistance of the pros.

Animals inside your chimney will require different removal methods. For instance, the method that you will use to evict the rodents will be different from the bird control method. You also need to consult the law since the animal can be included in the federal list of protected species.