Will Michigan Snake Chase You?

Being aggressive and chasing people is one of the popular myths related with snake. Some people believe that the Ann Arborsnake will actively chase them and hurt them. The snakes will only attack for specific reasons; to hunt for their pray and to defend themselves. Fortunately, humans are not a part of the snake’s natural diet. This means that the only way that the snakes can attack us is when they are defending themselves.

Understanding the Behavior of the Ann ArborSnake
When the snake is in its natural habitat, it will be relaxing in the wild and can be startled when a human suddenly appeared in front of them. We humans do not really pay attention to our surrounding and can accidentally step on the snake. To defend themselves, the snake will hiss, raise their head and bite the attacker. Their attack will happen swiftly, and you will not have time to react. The next thing you will realize is that you are feeling pain.

Attacking Due to Fear
Fear has always been associated to the presence of the snake. The fear associated to them has led to the different misconceptions. Misconceptions has resulted to people mercilessly killing the animal. The idea that the snake will be chasing human is also related to this fear. However, this concept will not make any sense. The snakes will only actively hunt its prey and human will not be one of them. Since the venom of the snake will not immediately show symptoms, biting the human may result to their death. There are also incidents that the snake will bite but will not cause envenoming. This is a condition known as dry bite.

Why Snakes are Biting People
Instead of chasing humans, the snakes will choose to flee to escape the threat. Their escape can also be a risky move since it will expose them to the attack from their behind. In order to avoid this, the snake will choose to escape towards your direction, particularly if there are less options for them. This will make it look like that the snake is chasing you.

For someone who has been working in the wildlife industry for too long, we have seen this happen countless of times. The snake will most probably pass you and will continue to move forward and conceal themselves. For those who lack the experience, their only option is to run away from the perceived attack of the snake.

Understand that the snake will prefer not to bite something that they will not eat. Their encounter with human will not only be stressful in their part but will also waste their energy. The goal of the snake when encountering an animal that is larger than them is to escape and remain safe from their threat while consuming the least amount of energy.

When encountering a snake whether in the wild or in your yard, keep away from them and give it space to escape. You should also remain aware of your surrounding when in the wild to avoid the attack of the snake.

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